Looking For Line Production Agency In Delhi [Suggestions]

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Amanda890 1 Year Ago

Hey Guys!

Hope its all going well. We are a UK based ad agency and we have an upcoming ad shoot comimg for one of our lifestyle brand. Intially we though of doing this on busy India streets of Delhi and Old Delhi area around Red Fort. 

For this shoot we are actively looking for suggestions for Line producers in Delhi or around it. Last time we were there and had a bad experince with the agency we had hired that time. 

Based on your experience it would be great if you can suggest some good trusted line producers in delhi who know it all about Delhi and ASI permissions etc. 

Initially we have a shoot planned for 4-5 days in Delhi depending on the weather conditions. Soon after this we need to shoot it Jaipur at some place. It would be great if some local suggestions can come in or from the agencies who did this earlier. It will be great to have from you all. 



asked Apr 19 11:36:34 PM


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  • Do you just need a line production guy in Delhi to manage travel and permissions or you need a Line Production Agency to manage your shoot in and around Delhi from all aspects? 

    Let me know i can suggest you some. We do regular shoots in Delhi and did in almost all possible backdrops. Just to check are you getting your equipment or you need some help with equipment rentals too?


    1 Year Ago

    asked Apr 20 10:11:40 PM


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