Andromedia Productions: Best Documentary Film Production House In India

Andromedia Productions is a film production house in Delhi, India. With a desire to excel in the film production line, Andromedia Productions has come a long way. With an experience of over 20 years in film production, we can take care of all your film production, documentary film production, short film production, animated film production, and ad film production requirements.

If you are a film maker and have a brilliant idea in your mind and you are willing to convert that idea in a beautiful documentary film, then in that case Andromedia Productions is just the right option for you.

Andromedia Productions is the best documentary film production house in India. We can handle the full production of your documentary film. From Pre-production to production, from filming equipment to locations and permission, from crew hiring to casting services, we can take care of every possible service related to documentary film production.

Documentary Film Production House in India: Contact AMP

Documentary Film Production House in India: Contact AMP

Our team is well experienced with every stage of producing a documentary film. Whether it is the conceptualization part, the execution part, or the implementation part, we can be the best option for your next documentary film. We can help you to give visuals to your next mindblowing filming idea.

Documentary Film Production in India

India is a land of colors, cultures, and diversity. It is a land of multicolored landscapes ranging from the desert to the mangroves, from the tall mountains to the fertile plains and the pristine rivers to the salty ocean, where diversity stands as one. The different geographical areas of India and ethnicity allows filmmakers from across the globe to shoot their documentary film in India. And we are the one who provides the full documentary film production support while shooting in India. 

Why Choose AMP, As Your Documentary Film Production House In India?

Quality work experience, quality services, a well-trained team, and established connections are some of the reasons why you should work with us. We provide our clients with a one full line production package deal.

Reputed Portfolio: With over 2 decades of experience in the film production industry, we have an exceptional portfolio of works that makes us proud. In the past, we have delivered the most satisfactory work in line production for many big clients like Jaguar, Fujitsu, Sony, Discovery Channel, TLC, BBC, Black & Decker, Hyundai, Cleo, Zegna, Slice and many more. 

Quality Work: The work done by Andromedia Productions speaks for itself. In the past we have delivered both big scaled and small-scaled projects for reputable production houses and clients with the utmost perfection. We have a huge experience in documentary film production and can take on any project no matter what the challenges are. 

Contributions: Get to meet a pool of some great talents. As we work with the best actors, directors, producers, and crew members, who are in the film industry for a long time and have flourished the Indian Cinema with their outstanding work.

Pan India Network: Just like our film production services business in India, our local connections too were built over time. Working with Andromedia Productions will allow you to explore India’s vast cultural and film heritage in the best locations with our pan India network of line production services.

Services For Documentary Film Production in India

Equipment Rental Services: With our connections all over India, Andromedia Productions can provide you with any equipment required on the set. India has one of the biggest Film Production Industries in the world, hence all kinds of equipment are available in Delhi and other major/local cities.

All kinds of film and video equipment can be arranged in India for example cameras like Arri Alexa, Bolex Reflex, Arri-Bl, Aaton LTR, Aaton XTR, Sony EX3, Canon C300, filming lights like ARRIMAX 18K / 12K, Soft lights, Nook lights 24 K dino, 12 K dino and more. We can also take care of other filming equipment like sound recorders, jimmy jibs, sound equipment, grips, lenses, photography equipment, vanity vans, and anything related to filming and line production. 

Production Management: Production management is an all-encompassing term that covers managing the manufacturing of your project. We can be in charge of all financial and non-financial aspects of the overall production. We can also take care of all operations and logistics of the film, from pre-production to delivery of work.

Crew Management: We have a hardworking team that can also take care of the crew management services. We have a great pool of talented crew members. We make sure that the crew delivers the best possible service, coordinating any training or promotions. All aspects of Crew Management become our responsibility, including the handling of personnel-related budgets and travel budgets.

Casting Services: We also cater to casting services if required in a shoot. We have a huge range of models, non-models, actors, actresses, and street casting crew. Many local/national based actors, talent models, can be arranged for all casting requirements. No matter what you want and with whom you want to make your project a dream project, we can build the right acting team from lead actors to the extras, all within your budget.

Location Services: Location scouting is our daily work. After going through the project plot and script of the documentary film, we hunt for suitable locations that can be perfect for the shoot. In other cases, you can also tell us your location requirement and we can take care of everything else. We work hard to find you the best suitable location for the shoot.

Permission Services: Once you approve the location we will start working on the permission services. We get all the required permits for you and acquire necessary clearances from the concerned authorities for the smooth functioning of your productions.

Travel And Accommodation Services: If you are bothered about your travel and stay while you are here, then just leave that also to us! We will give you the best options for your travel plus stay and that too all within your budget.

 Being the best documentary film production house in India, we work on our toes to provide the best services to our clients. With so much experience in film production, we can say that Andromedia Productions is the most creative documentary film production house in India. 

We have achieved this experience with the help of our hardworking team who works with inspiring ideas, crisp direction, and meticulous editing skills and that is what separates us from other documentary film production houses in India.

If you are willing to work with us then just send us a brief and we would be happy to Produce the project for you.


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