Varanasi, The Spiritual Capital of India, is one of the world’s oldest living cities. Also known as Kashi, and Banaras- Varanasi is one of Hinduism’s seven holy cities. Varanasi is located in Indian State Uttar Pradesh and is an example of one of the oldest civilization establishments in the world. 

Located on the banks of holy river Ganga, Varanasi is famous for its magnificent looking architecture and breathtaking Ghats for holy baths. The real magic of Varanasi lies in the early morning sunshine which can be a perfect spot for your next filming project in India. Every part of this city is filled with colors of spirituality and holiness. The serenity of this city makes it the most wanted city when it comes to shooting films in a beautiful location.

Line Production in Varanasi- River Ganga

Line Production in Varanasi- River Ganga

Varanasi is a perfect shooting spot for any kind of media production projects like film production, short film production, documentary film production, TV show production, Ad production, commercial ad production, non-commercial production, corporate video production, and more!

AMP: #1 Option For  Line Production Company Varanasi

Andromedia Productions is a Line production Company in Varanasi, India. We cater to all the services related to line production in Varanasi, India. With an experience of over 2 decades in line production, Andromedia Productions is the top line production company in Varanasi.

Line Production in Varanasi_ Contact AMP

Line Production in Varanasi_ Contact AMP

We can take care of the full production of your next filming shoot in Varanasi. We have the experience of providing world-class services for line production in Varanasi. With a team of talented and experienced professionals, Andromedia Productions is the best choice for the filmmakers from all around the world to connect with, to get the best services related to line production in Varanasi.

Services: Line Production in Varanasi

Film Production in Varanasi: Varanasi is a holy city with a lot of beautiful locations and variations in real characters. It is a perfect location for any film project- documentary film, ancient film, pre-wedding shoots, fashion photography, advertisement shoots, and any other shoot that requires a royal and historical looking background- Andromedia Productions can provide full support related to any film production requirement in Varanasi. 

Filming Equipment Rental in Varanasi: All kinds of film and video equipment can be arranged in Varanasi for example cameras like Arri Alexa, Bolex Reflex, Arri-Bl, Aaton LTR, Aaton XTR, Sony EX3, Canon C300, filming lights like ARRIMAX 18K / 12K, Soft lights, Nook lights 24 K dino, 12 K dino and more. We can also take care of other filming equipment like sound recorders, jimmy jibs, sound equipment, grips, lenses, photography equipment, vanity vans, and anything related to filming and line production.

Line Production in Varanasi: Filming Equipment Rentals

Line Production in Varanasi: Filming Equipment Rentals

Crew Hiring & Talent Casting in Varanasi: With established connections all over India, Andromedia Productions has a pool of talented cast and crew all over the country. Hiring a perfect crew and casting the perfect cast for filming in Varanasi is not at all a difficult task for Andromedia Productions. There are many local based actors, talent models, or actors that can be arranged for all casting requirements. No matter what you want and whom you want to make your project a dream project, we can build the right acting team from lead actors to the extras, all within your budget.

Filming Permissions in Varanasi: Acquiring all the necessary film permits & permissions is one of the most crucial tasks for any film fixer in India. Bureaucracy in India is world-famous but we will make the process as painless as possible. We can get all the required permits for you and acquire necessary clearances from the concerned authorities for the smooth functioning of your productions. If you choose to work with Andromedia Productions (AMP) then you will get the complete support and advice for your national permit application. We will then arrange all the necessary local permits and permissions for your shoot in Varanasi.

Location Services in Varanasi:  Varanasi is home to as many as 84 Ghats and many iconic temples. With the holy river Ganga flowing in the heart of Varanasi, the city is full of traditional boats with singing drivers.

Line Production in Varanasi_ Locations

Line Production in Varanasi_ Locations

From the very beginning, Varanasi has attracted many film production companies from around the world. Andromedia Productions can find you the locations as per the requirement of your script and budget. These include various private and government-owned Forts and Palaces, Ghats of Varanasi, Waterfalls, Monuments, Villages, Town Streets, etc, all over Varanasi. 

Iconic Places Kashi Vishwanath Temple, New Vishwanath Temple BHU, Tibetan Temple, Banaras Hindu University, Bharat Mata Mandir, Alamgir Mosque, Ram Nagar Fort, Chunar Fort
Local Market/Busy Roads Vishwanath Gali, Godowwlia Market, Golghar, Rajan Silk Market, Gyanvapi, Chowk & Urban Hatt, Banaras Art Gallery
Ghats Ganga Arti, Ganga Mahotsav, Dashashwamedh Ghat, Assi Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Kedar Ghat, Shivala Ghat, Manmandir Ghat
Waterfalls Vindham Waterfalls, Lakhaniya Dari Waterfall, Rajdari Waterfalls, Devdari Waterfalls, Mukkha Waterfalls, Tanda Waterfalls

TV Advertisement Production in Varanasi: Varanasi is a city of colors and cultural traditions. With a vast pool of traditions and colorful festivals, Varanasi has been living proof of many successful TV advertisement productions. Any kind of TV ad commercial, films, documentary films can be shot here in Varanasi.

Now with so many beautiful options available,, How can Varanasi be not the most amazing filming location in the world? 

If you are willing to work with us then just send us a brief and we would be happy to Produce the project for you.


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