Advertising is the lure that draws new customers to a business or a product. It generates sales and opportunities by building awareness of the product or services. Identifying the real audience and what makes them buy the product are the two the keys to the advertising production process.

 With an experience of over 2 decades, Andromedia Productions (AMP) is the best source of advertising production services in India. We have produced many commercial and non-commercial ad films that have clicked with the viewers, leaving a deep impact on them. 

With our quality work on the production, you can build a brand image for your relatively unknown products that will boost up your product image as well as will expand your customer loyalty base.

Advertising Production in India:

With brands investing more in the advertising production of their product or services, India has been one of their dreamlands for the ad shooting purpose.

Andromedia Productions (AMP) can promote your product, business or other services through effective and creative ad film production that will leave a long-lasting impact on your target audience. 

We work on every aspect of the given project whether it’s the presentation, creating engaging content, working on the visuals, production management of the ad production, scouting location, shooting equipment rental services, cast and crew services for the ad production, ad shooting permission related services, etc. Your project will be our topmost priority.

Our Past Work:

In the past we have worked for many big clients like Hyundai, Sony, Fujitsu, Panasonic, BBC, Discovery Channel, TLC, and many. We have worked on every type of big or small-scaled ad production project.

We are aware of the fact that work-related to ad shoots is challenging and can be very unpredictable at times, but we can assure that Andromedia Productions (AMP) is there to take care of all the services related to your Ad Production.

Our Services for Ad Production:

We cater to all the services related to the Ad Production in India, like:

  • Script for the Ad production
  • Finding a suitable location for the Ad production
  • Casting lead actors and actresses
  • Hiring crew and managing them
  • Equipment rentals for Ad production- Cameras, Lights, Grips, Lenses, Drones, Photography Equipments
  • Pre-Production, Post-Production related services
  • Travel and accommodation-related services 

We are the one-stop for all your required film production and advertising production services. 

We have a dedicated team that can develop creative concepts and ideas for engaging videos and photographs and we want you to utilize our talent and creativity for your good. 

We can undertake the responsibility for the full production of your advertising project. Just send us a brief and we would be happy to Produce the project for you.