Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner, it’s clear that the main challenge in filmmaking is the cost of video production and the simple fact is that filmmakers and production houses simply cannot afford to buy a fancy camera or a new lens for every shoot.

If you are a filmmaker, then you will likely be on different types of projects from narrative films to corporate video marketing. Every project requires a different type of camera, a different set of lighting, and a different set of audio equipment. It’s just not possible to buy new production gear for every project.

Being the largest film producing country in the world, India has no dearth of choice for film and video equipment. 

With our connections and arrangements all over the country, we can provide you with any film shooting equipment required on the set. 

No matter what you want, whether a single piece of filming equipment or an entire kit for your film production in India, we secure it for you. 

Filming Equipment:

For the great visuals in shooting we have a huge variety in shooting cameras, motion cameras, lenses, drones, grip, lights, photography equipment, you name it and we have it.

  • Arri Alexa
  • Bolex Reflex
  • Bell & Howell Filmo
  • Arri-S
  • CP16
  • Eclair ACL
  • Eclair NPR
  • Arri-BL
  • Aaton LTR
  • Aaton XTR
  • Arri-SR
  • Alexa XT
  • Alexa Mini
  • Red Dragon
  • Go Pro
  • Red Epic
  • Digital Cameras
Camera Equipments:
  • Camera with wild motor Crank 
  •  Battery 
  • Power cable(s)
  •  Lenses with proper mounting adaptors, if needed, prime or zoom
  •  Lens cleaning fluid and lens tissues 
  • Filters, close-up attachments, filter holders, filter rings 
  • Magazines, core adapters, spare cores, and/or takeup spools 
  • Changing bag, empty 400′ cans, extra black bags for short ends
  • Compressed air or manual bulb-type blower for cleaning mags, etc. 
  • Camera tape, magic marker 
  • Film stock 
  • Exposure meter 
  • Camera report sheets and clipboard 
  • Cinematographers’ Manual 
Camera Mount:
  • Tripod head with legs, pan-handle 
  • Spreader (triangle) 
  • High hat
  • Dolly
  • ARRI MAX 18K / 12K
  • ARRI M90, M40, M18, M8
  • ARRI 4K
  • JOKER 1600/ 800/ 400
  • DEDO’s
  • ARRI 800W Open Face
  • Source Four Zoom
  • 24K DINO
  • 12K Dino
  • DVR Softy 4K/ 2K
  • Halogen
  • SPACE LIGHT 6 K.W / 2 K.W
  • Inkies (200w) 
  • Tweenies (650w)
  •  Babies (1kw)
  •  Soft lights (1kw/2kw) 
  • Broads (1kw) 
  • Nook lights (500w)
  •  Reflector floods (250w) 
  • Lowel lighting kits including DP lights and Caselights (1kw)
  •  Omni Lights (300w, 420w, 650w)
  •  Kino Flo 4 bankX2 
  • Mini Kino with car adapter 
  • HMI PAR (1200w)
Lighting Equipments:
  • Light stands for all instruments
  • Barn doors 
  • Snoots
  • Scrims 
  • Pigeons 
  • C-stands or grip stands with heads and arms 
  • Flags, Nets
  • Studded C-clamps 
  • Mafer clamps 
  • Pipe clamps 
  • Gator grips 
  • Reflectors 
  • Extension cables
Sound Equipments:
  • Fostex FR2 
  • Sound Devices 702 2-channel hard disk recorder 
  • Microphones 
  • Sennheiser Microphone Kits (hypercardioid, cardioid, omnidirectional) 
  • Lavaliers 
  • Sony Tram Mic 
  • Wireless Mics 
  • Portable 3 Channel mixers 
  • Recording Accessories 
  • Fishpools Shock Mounts
  • Digital sync recorder  
  • Foam windscreens 
  • Zeppelins 
  • Headsets 
  • XLR Cables
  • Mic extension cables 
  • Manfrotto 502 head and sticks
  • Magnus VT-4000 tripod system
  • Telescoping Legs
  • Gimbals
  • GFM, Magnum & Panther Dolly
  • Steadicam
  • Jimmy Jib
  • ABC Camera Crane
  • Polecam
  • Track & Trolley
  • Car Mounts
  • Sliders
  • Mini Cranes
  • C Stands
  • Grid frames
  • Quadra Jib
  • Magic Arms
  • Light Extensions
  • Mirrors
  • Apple Boxes
  • Flags
  • Reflectors
  • Skimmers
  • Matthews C-Stand
  • Black single open end scrim 18X24”
  • Flag 18X24”
  • Silver bound boards
  • Camera clamp
  • Quacker clamp
  • Prime Lenses
  • Ultra Prime Lenses
  • Probe Lenses
  • Zoom Lenses
  • Wide Angle Lenses
  • Standard Zoom Lenses
  • Telephoto Lenses
  • Macro Lenses
  • Parfocal Lenses
  • Standard Lenses
  • DJI Phantom
  • DJI Inspire
  • Octocopters
  • Helicopter Mounts
Photography Equipment:
  • Broncolor Lights
  • Batteries and Accessories
  • Profoto Lights
  • Soft Boxes
  • Skimmers
  • Reflectors
  • Stands

We are the most reliable source for equipment rentals for film production in India and not just shooting cameras, shooting lights and photography equipment, we also provide a range of other film shooting equipment like rigs, sound equipment, vanity vans, generators, vehicles, portaloos, and crew tents. 

We are the source of any and every film shooting equipment that will fulfill your production needs. Just send us a brief and we would be happy to Produce the project for you.