Film production refers to the production of a film and completing all the tasks related to it. These tasks are not just normal day to day life tasks, these tasks include work such as setting up scenes, the capture of raw footage, usage of set designs, managing the crew, casting the cast, fixing up the shooting locations, providing travel and accommodation services and many more.

But the overall science behind all these tasks is not that simple and that’s why Andromedia Productions (AMP) is there for you and to handle your film shooting project in India.

Andromedia Productions (AMP) has been producing films and television programs for the last 20 years now. We are experienced and have worked on a wide range of projects including feature films, television productions, film production, corporate videos, line production, fashion photography, film shooting equipment rental services, film casting services, film shooting permissions, film production management, etc.

Film Production in India:

Filmmakers chasing incentives all around the world often land in unfamiliar territories. That’s when opting for an experienced film production services company can make all the difference between a successful shoot and a troubled one. Every film making destination boasts local outfits that traveling producers and location managers contact to facilitate production.

We can line produce your films by offering you a wide spectrum of all the required film production services. We have a qualified and hard-working team that can take care of all the necessities like film and television equipment, crews, trained manpower, logistics including travel, lodging, transportation services, all film production-related services and support anywhere in India.


Our Past Work:

In the past we have worked for many reputed clients like Hyundai, Sony, Fujitsu, Panasonic, BBC, Discovery Channel, TLC, and many more which shows that we are capable of handling any big or small-scaled projects.


Production Services in India:

In the past, we have worked on multiple production services like:

  • Film Production
  • Line Production
  • Ad Production
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Documentary Production
  • Music Album Production
  • Television Show Production
  • Reality Show Production
  • Fashion Photography Shoot Production


We are the one-stop for all your film production-related services as we facilitate every service related to film production. Andromedia Productions (AMP) knows all the ropes: local laws, permissions and other legal formalities that are necessary to shoot film anywhere in India. 

Andromedia Productions (AMP) takes every project very seriously and works on it with the utmost priority. Our production and creative team can undertake the full production of your project.

Just send us a brief and we would be happy to Produce the project for you.