Scout, Prepare & Shoot!!

Andromedia Productions (AMP) is India’s most experienced film production company. Over the last two decades, we have provided our global clients and production industries with unparalleled film production resources. 

India is known for its diverse shooting locations, mountains, deserts, forests, beaches, rivers, backwaters, waterfalls, vintage locations, historical locations, skyscrapers, filming studios, man-made sets, photo studios or filming studios. 

India narrates itself through old age, man-made splendors like the Taj Mahal, the mythological narratives at the Ghats of River Ganges, and the cultural clans of the Seven Sisters in the North-East of India. Filming in India is like a dream come true for a filmmaker, it is beyond imagination for any filmmaker all around the world.

But considering the legalities, permits, fees, and logistics, it can be daunting to find locations that work for your budget. But the importance cannot be overestimated.

But worry not! You don’t always need a Hollywood budget to get the best locations to shoot a film. If you are a filmmaker, want to shoot in India or any city across, but are not familiar with the diversity of it, then Andromedia Productions (AMP) can be the right option for you to line produce in India.

AMP Past Experience:

With over 20 years of Film Productions experience in India for foreign & home clients, we are the right fit for all your shooting location requirements in India. 

We can provide comprehensive production and location services to the film crews from across the globe and help them shoot their film projects throughout India. 

We know what it is like to manage hundreds of properties all at once and that makes us exceptionally capable of running a film location service.

At Andromedia Productions (AMP), location recce is part of our everyday schedule. We constantly work on location collections for scripts and creative concepts so that the production can be realized with our team. 

We can arrange any location across India that will suit the production of the project. We can suggest as many as options required to get the best-suited location for your film or video. 

Finding the right location for a film project is one of the most important tasks in film production and we excel in it. After going through the project plot and script, we hunt for suitable locations and send you some suitable options that can be perfect for the shoot. 

Not only this, but you can also tell us your location requirement and we can take care of everything else. We will work hard to find you the best suitable location for the shoot.

Things we consider during Film Location Scouting!
  • Aesthetic: This is the first and the most important step in which we try to match the location with the director’s vision and the description of the script.
  • Distance: We take care of the transportation services for the crew and the cast no matter how far the location is from the origin point. Because the location is what will bring light to the project.
  • Permission: We work on all the legalities and permission parts in advance so that the film production can go smoothly.
  • Cost: If a film has requirements of multiple locations but the producers have a limited budget for that. Then in that case also, we find the best location options available and also negotiate with the owners so as to keep the spending under control, after all everything in India is negotiable. 
  • Logistics: We also take care of all the logistics that one can expect related to film production and crew management.
  • Environment: Most importantly we look for the best suitable environment for filming. We start by examining the natural light as well as the interior lights. Then we keep a note of the ambient sound like nearby road, creek, or air conditioner that can interfere with recording sound while filming. 
Filming Locations in India:

India has a huge number of options in terms of location for filming. Andromedia Productions (AMP) provide locations for filming, advertising production, events or project purposes, and scout, survey, capture our locations in geographic, photographic and precise technical detail. 

Locations we can provide where directors and producers will love to shoot their film or any kind of project:

  • Vintage Locations: Like the Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad, The Oberoi Rajvilas in Udaipur, The Park Hyatt Resort and Spa in Goa, Taj Mahal in Agra, Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi, The French Colonies in Puducherry and many more.
  • Unexplored Locations: India has 28 states and 8 Union Territories that have many unexplored locations that can suit your location requirements for film shooting. We can arrange any unexplored location in India that will be suitable for the script. 
  • Scenic Views: We can arrange shoots anywhere in India, whether in the beautiful mountain ranges of Kashmir and Ladakh or at Taj Umaid Bhavan in Udaipur. We can fix any location for your film production.
  • Natural Locations: Like Kumarakom in Kerala, Backwater in Kerala or Goa, Hauz Khas in Delhi, Juhu Beach in Mumbai, Alleppey in Kerala, Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh, Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir, Ghats of Benaras, and many more.
  • Historical Locations: Like Taj Mahal in Agra, Humayun’s Tomb, Old Fort, Red Fort in Delhi, Amer Fort in Jaipur and many more.
  • Man-made sets
  • Photo Studios
  • Movie Sets
  • Filming Studios

Andromedia Productions (AMP) can provide you with any desired location for your film shooting. If you are willing to work with us then just send us a brief and we would be happy to Produce the project for you.