Film Producers and production companies from across the globe are most welcomed to shoot their Films, Short Films, Documentary Films, Feature Films, TV/Web shows and series & Reality TV/Web shows and series in India but with proper legal documents and permissions from the required ministries.

In India, Film Facilitation Office (FFO) that is set up by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India single-handedly acts as a window clearance and facilitation point for the producers and the production companies all around the world, with a view to assisting them in getting all the necessary permissions for film shooting in India.

Apply Online for Filming Permission in India:

The FFO is operated by the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) and works as a Central Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (I&B). 

Filmmakers and producers who want to shoot their Films, Short Films, Documentary Films, Feature Films, TV/Web shows and series & Reality TV/Web shows and series in India can apply online at the FFO website, www.ffo.gov.in.

Below are the steps to apply for filming permission in India:

  • Register – Register yourself on the FFO website and start your application process.
  • Fill Application Form – Fill out the application form for seeking permission for film shooting in India
  • Upload Documents – The application form will ask for the following information/documents.
  • Detailed script and synopsis of the film, TV series or any other project.
  • Passport details of the crew with a photocopy of the passports.
  • Detailed shooting locations and the period of shooting.
  • List of equipment that is going to be imported for film shooting purposes.
  • NOC Letter: In case there is a projection of any living personality in the film, then in that case a No Objection Letter is required from the concerned person.
  • Co-Production: If you are shooting your project as an international co-production, then a copy of the agreement between the foreign producer/production company and the Indian producer/production company indicating the role of each party, responsibilities, financial commitments and liabilities, in accordance with the respective co-production agreement, must be uploaded.
  • Pay Online – Pay the required online fees (Non-Refundable)
  • Undertaking – At the time of receiving permission also submit the undertaking to the ministry of I&B.
AMP Past Work On Filming Permissions And Legalities

Acquiring all the necessary film permits & permissions is one of the most crucial tasks for any film fixer in India. Bureaucracy in India is world-famous but we will make the process as painless as possible. 

We can get all the required permits for you and acquire necessary clearances from the concerned authorities for the smooth functioning of your productions. If you choose to work with Andromedia Productions (AMP) then you will get the complete support and advice for your national permit application. We will then arrange all the necessary local permits and permissions for your shoot in India.

We have an experience of over 20 years in the film production services and no matter whether you are a production company, ad agency or corporate filmmaker and is planning to shoot a short film, corporate video or TV commercial project anywhere in Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad or Chennai, Andromedia Productions (AMP) can take care of all the necessary permissions and legalities. 

Permissions Required to shoot a film in India

To shoot a project in India you need permission from the Ministry Of Information & Broadcasting for Feature Films and from the Ministry Of External Affairs for commercials, documentaries and music videos. 

Both the Ministries are located in New Delhi. The permission process will take time depending on the kind of project and the content of what you are shooting in India. 

Through our representatives we will help you with all the permission processes and obtain all the necessary clearances including those that adhere to state and local permits.

We will also take care of all the visa procedures for you so that you don’t face any issues. 

The list of legalities and permissions that we will take care of you is as follows:

  • Visa: Film Visa (F Visa) is granted to all those people who are coming to India for the film shooting, tv-series shooting, commercial ad shooting or for any film production purpose. The Ministry of Information and Broadcast approves the proposal for all the F Visa related applications.
  • Wildlife Permission – The Indian Government has a separate body for giving permission related to wildlife film shooting. The Animal Welfare Board of India is a statutory body that takes care of all the laws related to Animal Welfare and also promotes animal welfare in the country. All the necessary permission is required to be taken from the Animal Welfare Board of India so as to include wildlife in your filming project.
  • Location Permissions
  • Private Property Permissions
  • All kind of Government Paperwork
  • Local Permission
  • Film Shooting Permission

Following the above-mentioned steps for film shooting permission in India is very tiring and time-consuming but you don’t have to worry due to anything, as far as you are working with us. 

Andromedia Productions is the one-stop for all your film production services and permission related services. If you are willing to work with us then just send us a brief and we would be happy to Produce the project for you.